History of poker

Poker is a card game that has become popular among the general public https://telegram-store.com/catalog/product-category/channels/games relatively recently, although true fans have been familiar with it for a long time. The history of poker dates back to ancient times, but the exact place of its appearance is still unknown. Exactly, the first written mention of the game appeared in the 16th century, she loved to play in France, England, Germany and other developed countries of Western Europe, and the ancestors of poker were ancient card games.

Initially, the game was quite simple, with few rules. The player received three cards, bets were made, and the one with the higher combination of cards won. There were only three combinations: flush, pair, three.

18th century changed the game in many ways. There appeared the “bluff” – the ability in poker to create a false understanding of the situation in the opponent. New combinations appeared: “square”, “full house”, as well as the concept of “high card”.

The name of the game may have come from the German word pochen – knock, French poque, there is also an American version associated with sailors on ships. Some newcomers thought poker was a game of deception, because it was based on bluffs and cheating tricks that sailors picked up from pickpockets, when one showed card tricks, the other pulled out a purse, which they called “poke”.

There are many versions of the origin, but we can not fail to note that most likely poker came to the United States from the French, who located their colonies in the area of Louisiana, soon the game spread throughout America. “Poker” was supplemented with rules and some changes, but the basic principle remained the same – the game consisted of combinations, bets, bluffs and a deck of 52 cards. The game became a national pastime in America. It was loved to play children, teenagers and adults.

Poker in a modified form comes back to Europe in 1870, when the U.S. ambassador to England, Colonel Jacob Schenk, brought a modern version of the game and showed it to the royal court, for Queen Victoria were printed rules, because she herself had considerable interest in card games. Poker became more widespread with the advent of World War I, when American soldiers showed Europeans their version of the game.

In the U.S. the game continued to evolve, appeared a large number of its varieties. The most famous type of “poker” – Texas Holdem appeared in the state of Texas. The game came to Dallas, and later in the heart of all gambling Las Vegas. The first serious competition was held in 1968, their organizer was Tom Moore. In 1970, the first official world championship was held. After that, such competitions began to be held annually.

“Poker” does not stand still, the development of the popular game continues, the Internet era has brought “poker” to a new level. Now you can play it with other players around the world. This game gives the opportunity to feel the adrenaline, and fans of excitement will not be able to miss “poker”.

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